The Curious Case Of 'La Fleur Perdue'

A musical for Key Stage 2

Mike Stubbs

The setting is Elstrup Hall on the occasion of the showing of the world famous diamond - 'La Fleur Perdue'. Lord Elstrup has invited his niece Lizzie and her friends up for the event, along with his new acquaintance, Lord Percival Poitier. The children immediately smell a rat, and their suspicions seem confirmed when, the morning after the showing, the safe is open and the diamond is missing. The big question is how will they catch Lord Poitier and recover the diamond?

Played out in two action packed acts, The Curious Case of 'La Fleur Perdue' contains ten memorable songs (complete with jazz band scoring) and a wonderful array of characters: a real rip-roaring show to delight and entertain!


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Cast, Cotumes and Props


Script Sample


Opening Song score sample


'He's Up To Something' score sample


Audio clips of all the songs can be found at Mike's MySpace page.


Piano/Vocal scores are also available.


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